New Kangaroo

Simply perfect

The key feature of KANGAROO our rear loading system is its new POM sheet, a material known for its exceptional strength, lightness and ability to retain its shape in all conditions.
This innovation, which supports the waterproof bag and evenly distributes the weight onto the new collar, this system becomes practically indestructible.

Tested under extreme conditions

During the development phase, rigorous testing was carried out over many months, during which time the KANGAROO was put through its paces in the world’s most demanding trails such as the Tour Divide, the Silk Road Mountain Race, the Atlas Mountain Race, the Italy Divide and many other high-level challenges known for their extreme conditions, technical terrain and long distances, which put both rider and equipment to the test.
Thanks to key collaboration with experienced cyclists, the VAP development team was able to thoroughly test the KANGAROO and evaluate its performance in real-life situations.

Stability Riding

The absolute stability of the KANGAROO means that riders can concentrate fully on their riding experience, without having to worry about unwanted movements or possible distractions caused by shifting the load to the rear.
Whether tackling technical descents, tight turns or uneven terrain, the Kangaroo stays firmly in place, ensuring a feeling of safety and control in every situation.

With the waterproof bag that can be removed in seconds, the KANGAROO II offers a practical solution for transporting and protecting your belongings, allowing you to focus on your adventures without worries.
Whether you’re facing a rainy day or want to remove your cargo during a layover, the KANGAROO II’s removable waterproof bag proves to be an essential addition that will meet all your needs on the move.

Versatility and Design

Vap has paid special attention to the versatility of the Kangaroo, making it compatible with smaller bikes.
Thanks to special features, this system can be mounted on a wide range of bicycles, including those with smaller frames.
This also offers an ideal solution for cyclists of smaller stature or those who prefer compact and agile bicycles.

The clean, modern lines of the Kangaroo give it an appealing style and design that is also perfectly suited to the aesthetic requirements of the cyclist.
In summary, VAP’s new KANGAROO represents a milestone in the evolution of bikepacking equipment, making it unique on the market.

Vantaggi del nostro sistema kangaroo

  • Rende la borsa waterproof estremamente stabile 
  • Permette di essere utilizzato anche su biciclette di piccola taglia
  • Permette di togliere e di riposizionare la borsa in modo velocissimo
  • Peso analogo ad una normale borsa sottosella
Additional information
Diametro Collarino

27,2 mm, 30,9 mm, 31.6 mm, Tubo sella 3T