Eyes for details

Kangaroo, is our new saddle support that follows the concept of the Butterflyguns. It also has the same big benefits: the dry bag can be quickly taken off without removing the harness. Kangarooguns, is made of a collar in aluminium alloy, a small U-shaped aluminium detail, covered in coated fabric and connected with straps and buckles to the saddle frame.

Handcrafted in Italy

Kangaroo unique feature is its collar: it can shift on the seatpost so that the arch doesn’t touch the tyre.
Thanks to its innovative peculiarities this system suits very small frames too. 

Anodize black collar diameter:
27,2 – 30,9 – 31,6
Black dry bag 15 Lt.
Suitable for carbon seatposts too. We do not recommend to use the system on cheap carbon products.

Kangaroo benefits

  • It makes the waterproof bag extremely stable
  • The system suits small frames
  • Quick relaese
  • Same weight of a standard saddle pack
Additional information
Diametro Collarino

27,2 mm, 30,9 mm, 31.6 mm