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Butterfly is a modular system made of 2 elements: a hard part, the main structure and a soft one to mount the bike-packing bag.  Two 31.8 mm-“C” clamp bolts secure the bars to the handlebar. The system’s soft part is made of two 2 adjustable straps and a holster. The straps are fixed to the rear horns and the front stay while the holster is sewn on the straps.

Vap Butterfly 3 Long
Vap Wings

Handcrafted in Italy

Butterfly unique features ensure excellent stability. This modular handlebar system doesn’t hamper braking and shifting performance and you will forget about sag and wobble. It can also be used on mountain bike suspension forks and carbon handlebars, make it great for all forms of riding.
The front aluminium stay offers extra space for riding gears such as GPS units and lights so you don’t need to carry anything on the handlebar. We The system suits carbon handlebar but please note that we recommend to avoid low quality carbon products.

Main benefits compare to other traditional bikepacking systems

  • Solid cargo carrying method on the handlebar
  • No contact between bag and brakes and shift cables
  • Quick release bag system
  • Removable holster
  • The support rack allows for the mounting of lights in front of the bag
  • Both drop bar and flat bar free from straps and velcro
  • Suitable for high-quality carbon handlebars
  • Compatible with Butterfly Wings, our arm rest, that offers an entirely new riding position most beneficial for long days in the saddle
  • The modular system allows every single part to be independently replaced
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