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Butterflyguns is a modular system to be fixed on the handlebar where the rider can place accessories like lights, GPS and a dry bag. It is made of 2 elements: a hard part, the main structure; and a soft one where the rider mounts the bike-packing bag.

The first one is realized with two parallel bars in aluminium alloys, a front stay and two small horns on the back. Two 31.8 mm-“C” clamp bolts brackets secure the bars to the handlebar.

The system’s soft part is made of two 2 adjustable straps and a holster. The straps are fixed to the rear horns and the front stay while the holster is sewn on the straps.

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Handcrafted in Italy

The front support rack allows for the mounting of lights and other device supports in front of the bag, so that there is nothing on the handlebar. This product suits carbon handlebars too. Please note that we recommend to do not use low quality carbon options.

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