VapCycling was born from a passion, transformed into work. Because ideas, other than from the mind, come from the heart. VapCycling encourages a bike-packing that embraces adventure, bicycle touring, technology and handicrafts. A versatile product designed both for those who love riding on a quiet cycling path and take the waterproof bags in a hotel room and for more extreme bicycle travellers that dare unbeaten trails and camp under the stars. Inspired by this philosophy and motivated by the idea of delivering a unique cycling experience, we released our first product back in 2014. We like to think that part of our job role requires a lot of riding. The genuine time we spend on our bicycles is the best way to meet inspiring riders and listen to their needs and suggestions. Our passion for unsupported adventures is an essential element to develop innovative, smart and high-quality products aimed to improve every bike-packing adventure.

Our product